FEC’s #Lineman2Lineman Program

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The 2022 FEC #Lineman2Lineman program is here! This year we want YOU to nominate your favorite high school lineman football players for recognition. Hard work and being a lineman go hand in hand. It’s true whether you play high school football, or spend your days building utility lines and restoring power. To show our support of all kinds of linemen, FEC will be spotlighting some of the best linemen on and off the field.

Beginning in August and thru December, in the different communities we serve, FEC will spotlight linemen  ̶̶  some with hard hats and some with helmets. Several of OUR linemen are former football players. And maybe some of YOUR football players will become utility workers one day. Either way, we want to share with our members what it takes to succeed as a lineman. This program is open to all high school football linemen in Fayette and the surrounding counties we serve.

The spotlight will include photos and brief Q&As with both linemen, highlighting their backgrounds and what helps them to be successful in their roles. Each month, we will highlight them on our Facebook page, website, and in future issues of Texas Co-op Power magazine. 

Please nominate your football lineman here as soon as possible. Questions? Contact Jessica Montez at jessicam@fayette.coop or (979) 968-3181.