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Board of Directors

People just like you serve on the Fayette Electric Cooperative Board of Directors. Your electric cooperative is a democratically-controlled business. It doesn’t have stockholders, so the Board isn’t made up of the people who own the most shares and are looking for big returns on their investment. Your cooperative is governed by local people with your best interest and the cooperative’s best interest at heart. And they are elected by you, the Member.

One of the basic qualifications for serving on the board is you have to receive electric service within the district up for election – so that means all directors are members. These people are also active, community leaders representing the needs of their local constituents. The cooperative’s bylaws contain exact details about director qualifications and the nomination/election process.


David Lehmann, Board President

David G. Lehmann
District 1 - representing members in or near these areas: Warda, Winchester, Waldeck, Round Top, Ledbetter, Warrenton, Rutersville and east of La Grange
Warda, TX
979-242-5890 Home
Term expires: 2019

 Joseph Kruppa, Vice President

Joseph D. Kruppa
Vice President
District 2 - representing members in or near these areas: south of La Grange, Hostyn, Ammannsville and Holman
La Grange, TX
979-247-4641 Home
979-966-7633 Cell
Term expires: 2019

 Bill Briscoe, Secretary/Treasurer

Bill Briscoe
District 6 - representing members in or near these areas: Weimar, Hackberry, Oakland, New Bielau and Osage
Weimar, TX
979-240-9713 Cell
Term expires: 2020

 David Stancik, Director

David A. Stancik
District 7 - representing members in or near these areas: Ellinger, Fayetteville, Industry, New Ulm, east of Rutersville, Shelby, east of Warrenton and Willow Springs
La Grange, TX
979-249-5880 Home
Term expires: 2020

 Leo Henke, Director

Leo C. Henke
District 4 - representing members in or near these areas: Praha, Moravia, Komensky, Breslau, Moulton and north of Hallettsville
Hallettsville, TX
361-798-5451 Home
Term expires: 2018

James Anderle, Director

James A. Anderle
District 5 - representing members in or near these areas: Flatonia, Muldoon, Plum, West Point and Cistern
Muldoon, TX
Term expires: 2019

 Gale Lincke, Director

Gale Lincke
District 3 - representing members in or near these areas: Schulenburg, Dubina, High Hill, Freyburg and Swiss Alp
La Grange, TX
979-247-4506 Home
979-249-6563 Cell
979-968-8555 Work
Term expires: 2018

FEC’s Bylaws and Policy on Director Duties and Responsibilities are available at the Cooperative’s office located at 357 North Washington St., La Grange.


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