Call Before You Dig

Fayette Electric’s underground lines carry enough electricity to seriously injure or even kill anyone who comes in contact with them.

Call FEC at least two days before starting your digging project. This time frame ensures that markings stay visible.

Important: FEC will only mark lines placed by FEC. Lines installed privately or by an independent builder are not eligible for marking by FEC.

It’s the Law

When using mechanical equipment to dig 16 inches or deeper, state law requires that you call FEC at 1-866-968-3181 at least 48 hours in advance to locate underground electric lines

  • If this law is not followed, you may be fined $500 to $5,000.
  • You are liable for damages to FEC facilities and all the liability the Cooperative incurs as a result of the contact.

Working Clearance

Maintaining the proper clearance from a high-voltage electric line is not just a good safety practice, it’s the law.* In Texas, any contractor, corporation, or individual not affiliated with the utility must follow these guidelines:

  • No person will perform any activity within six feet of overhead lines.
  • No person will operate or use any tool, equipment, machinery, or material where it is possible that these devices will come within six feet of overhead lines.
  • No person will operate any equipment such as derricks, cranes, power shovels, hay-loaders, pile drivers, hoisting equipment, or similar devices, within 10 feet of overhead lines.
  • No stationary LP-gas container shall be placed in any area directly beneath an electric distribution line (does not include a customer service line) and that area which is six feet to either side of the line.
  • No water well shall be located within 30 feet of an electric distribution line.

When work must be performed within these clearances, the organization or individual responsible must contact the utility and make arrangements to ensure safe clearances.

Violations of these provisions of the law can result in fines, confinement in jail, or liability to the utility for damages and all liability incurred.

*Chapter 752, Vernon’s Health and Safety Code