At each Annual Meeting of the Members of the Cooperative at which Directors are to be elected, or at which any other matter is voted on by written or printed ballot, an Election Committee, whose duty it shall be to collect and count the ballots and report the results to the Meeting, shall be appointed.

Such Election Committee at the Annual Meetings of the Members shall consist of fourteen (14) Members, two (2) being selected by each Director. Immediately upon the selection of the Election Committee, they shall elect a chairman and a co-chairman from among their number. The chairman and co-chairman shall then proceed to supervise the collection of the ballots from the Members and transport them to the place selected for counting same. After collection of the ballots the Committee shall proceed to a suitable location for counting the ballots. The chairman and co-chairman shall then divide the twelve (12) other members of the committee into four (4) groups of three (3) Members each. All four (4) of these groups shall remain in the same room and each group shall designate two (2) Members to judge the ballots and the third member will run the tally sheet. Employees of the Cooperative, appointed by the General Manager in accordance with their qualifications, may be used to assist the groups with the tally sheets by running a second tally sheet and performing other duties as the chairman and co-chairman may require. The chairman and co-chairman of the Election Committee shall supervise the counting of the ballots by each group, and, in case of a tie in decision by either of the judges of each group, the chairman and co-chairman shall rule on the decision. Upon completion of the ballot counting, the Election Committee shall return to the Membership Meeting. The Election Committee Chairman shall present a certified copy of the report of the Election Committee to the Secretary of the Cooperative. He shall then read said report to the Members present at the meeting. A copy of this procedure shall be furnished to each member of the Election Committee upon his/her appointment at the Membership Meeting.