Written or printed notice stating the place, if any  day and hour of the meeting, and, the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called, and the means of remote communication i(if any) by which the members may be deemed to be present in person and vote at such meeting shall be delivered not less than ten (10) days nor more than thirty (30)  days before the date of the meeting, either personally,  by mail, or by alternate method permitted by applicable law at the direction of the Secretary, or by the persons calling the meeting, to each Member. If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States mail, addressed to the Member at his address as it appears on the records of the Cooperative, with postage thereon prepaid. The failure of any Member to receive notice of an Annual or Special Meeting of the Members shall not invalidate any action which may be taken by the Members at any such meeting.