The Cooperative shall maintain a record of current Members in a form permitting the Cooperative to alphabetically list the names, addresses, phone numbers and/or email addresses of all Members. The General Manager/CEO may grant a request by a Member to inspect or, upon payment of a reasonable charge determined by the Cooperative, may provide to the Member a copy of the Membership List, provided:

  1. The Member’s request is made in writing upon at least five (5) days’ notice;
  2. The Member’s request is made in good faith and for a reasonable purpose related to the Member’s interest as a Member, as determined by the General Manager. The following purpose shall not be deemed to be reasonable:
    1. Use of the Membership List to solicit money or property unless the money or property is used solely to solicit Member votes in connection with a Cooperative election;
    2. Use of the Membership List for a commercial purpose; or
    3. Sale or purchase of the Membership List by any person or entity.
  3. The Member’s request describes with reasonable particularity the Member’s purpose for inspecting or copying the Membership List, and that purpose is reasonably related to the Membership List. 

If the General Manager determines that the request will be denied as not meeting the standards set out above, the Member may ask that his request be presented by the General Manager to the Board for consideration at the next scheduled Meeting of the Board of Directors at which time the request may be granted or denied as the Board deems appropriate.