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New Service

Membership in the Cooperative

FEC is a member-owned electric Cooperative.  To receive service from us, you must first become a Member.  Simply stop by our office located at 357 North Washington St. in La Grange, Texas or call us at 979-968-3181 or toll-free at 1-866-968-3181 for more information. 

New Construction

In order for FEC to supply electric service to a location that has not previously had electricity, the following steps will need to be completed by the applicant or Cooperative personnel:

Commitment Appointment


Membership Form

Credit Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy


Right-of-Way Clearing

Meter Loop Specifications

Line Locate

On any new or existing locations that require excavation (breaking ground), FEC is required by State Law to call in for line location for the locating of gas lines, telephone lines, etc.  before the location will be released for construction.

Attachments to Cooperative's Poles

No posters, banners, placards, signs, light fixtures, radio or television antennas, satellite dishes, basketball backboard, fences, structures, electric conductors not owned by the Cooperative or any other type of foreign object may be attached to or installed on the Cooperative’s poles, property or equipment.

Any person who violates this provision shall be notified and requested to remove all foreign objects and/or equipment from the Cooperative’s property.  



The Cooperative shall retain ownership of all materials and equipment installed by the Cooperative for the extension of service to the member-owner and retains the right to service others from any line or any extension without refunding any part of the Aid To Construction cost or crediting any bill.      


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