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How can I protect my computer data during a power interruption or outage?

Answer:  There is a device called an uninterruptible power supply that will carry your computer through power interruptions, and power your computer for a few minutes during an outage to allow you to save your work.  Many of these devices have surge suppression and they may even carry an equipment replacement guarantee.  Check with an electronics store for more details.

How can I get a yard light installed on a pole outside my home?

Answer:  Currently we do not offer a program where you pay a monthly fee for installation and maintenance of a mercury vapor light.  If a member wants a light installed, they have to obtain an electrician to install one.  The electrician needs to then connect the light to the member's side of the meter.  We recommended you install the light on your own pole where it will best suit your needs.  There are certain restrictions which inhibit light installation on most Fayette Electric poles. If you are considering installing a light on an existing Fayette Electric pole, you must first contact our office.  Fayette Electric personnel will then determine if the pole's configuration allows for the installation of a light on that pole.

Does Fayette Electric sell used poles?

Answer:  Fayette Electric does not sell used poles.  When we remove a pole that is no longer of service to us, we normally leave it on the property where it was removed for the landowner's use. 

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